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Lenovo TS5 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker RGB LED Light 5W 8 Hours Playing Time
  • Lenovo TS5 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker RGB LED Light 5W 8 Hours Playing Time
  • Lenovo TS5 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker RGB LED Light 5W 8 Hours Playing Time
  • Lenovo TS5 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker RGB LED Light 5W 8 Hours Playing Time
  • Lenovo TS5 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker RGB LED Light 5W 8 Hours Playing Time
  • Lenovo TS5 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker RGB LED Light 5W 8 Hours Playing Time

Lenovo TS5 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker RGB LED Light 5W 8 Hours Playing Time

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Rgb Bluetooth Speaker
Certification CE/FCC/ROHS
Model Number Lenovo TS5
Product Details
Bluetooth Version:
Playing Time:
Product Type:
Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker
Product Number:
Lenovo TS5
LED Light:
Drive Unit:
Rated Power:
Battery Capacity:
High Light: 

RGB LED Light TS5 Speaker


5W TS5 Speaker


8 Hours Playing Time TS5 Speaker

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Color box
Delivery Time
7 Days
Product Description

Product Description:

Introducing our latest innovation in portable audio technology, the RGB Bluetooth Speaker, designed to be the ultimate computer speaker for all your multimedia needs. This speaker bridges the gap between compact portability and powerful sound, allowing you to bring the party with you wherever you go. With its sleek design and state-of-the-art features, this is a speaker that does not just sound great but also looks stunning in any setting.


The core of this RGB Speaker lies in its rated power of 5W, which might seem modest at first glance but is more than capable of delivering a rich and robust sound. Whether you're streaming music, watching videos, or playing games, the speaker's 5W output ensures that you'll hear every detail with clarity and depth. This speaker has been engineered to provide a listening experience that is both immersive and dynamic, suitable for any genre of music or audio content.


Constructed with a high-quality speaker impedance of 4Ω, the RGB Bluetooth Speaker has been crafted to deliver an audio performance that is both efficient and powerful. This impedance level ensures that the speaker can produce loud and clear sound while maintaining a balance with your device's output capabilities. Such technical prowess not only guarantees longevity but also ensures that the speaker consistently delivers high-quality sound with minimal distortion, even at high volumes.


A pivotal feature of this loudspeaker is its drive unit of Φ52MM. This sizeable driver allows the speaker to pump out sound waves that are rich in bass and full of life, encompassing a wide frequency range to capture all the nuances of the audio spectrum. The precision of sound produced by this driver ensures that every beat, note, and tone is delivered with exceptional clarity and resonance, creating an aural experience that feels both expansive and intimate.


An essential attribute that defines the portability of any Bluetooth speaker is its battery capacity, and this RGB Speaker comes with a robust 1200mAh battery. This high-capacity battery means you can enjoy extended periods of uninterrupted music playback, podcast listening, or video watching without the need for constant recharging. With this kind of battery life, you're free to take your audio entertainment on long trips, outdoor adventures, or simply move around your home without being tethered to a power outlet.


Connectivity is a breeze with the latest Bluetooth version V5.3 integrated into this speaker, ensuring a stable and seamless connection with your devices. The advanced Bluetooth technology provides a quicker pairing process, an extended range, and improved audio transmission quality. This means you can control your music from a distance without experiencing any lag or interruption, making this speaker highly convenient for both personal and professional use.


As a computer speaker, the RGB Bluetooth Speaker stands out not only for its audio prowess but also for its visual appeal. The RGB lighting system adds an electrifying ambiance to your gaming setup, workstation, or living space. The lights can be adjusted to match your mood or to complement the beat of the music, turning your listening sessions into a multisensory experience. The integration of RGB lighting into the speaker's design provides an aesthetic edge that is both contemporary and captivating.


In conclusion, the RGB Bluetooth Speaker is a versatile and powerful loudspeaker designed to cater to the needs of audio enthusiasts who demand both quality sound and visual flair. With its 5W power rating, 4Ω speaker impedance, Φ52MM drive unit, 1200mAh battery capacity, and cutting-edge Bluetooth V5.3 technology, this speaker is set to redefine the standards of portable audio. Whether you're using it as a computer speaker, an RGB speaker for your home entertainment system, or a portable loudspeaker for outdoor events, this product promises to deliver an unparalleled audio experience that you can see, hear, and feel.




  • Product Name: RGB Bluetooth Speaker
  • Product number: Lenovo TS5
  • Sensitivity: 88±3dB
  • Speaker Impedance: 4Ω
  • Playing Time: 8 hours (50% volume)
  • Bluetooth version: V5.3
  • Loudspeaker: High-quality audio output
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Easy to carry for on-the-go use



Technical Parameters:

Playing Time 8 hours (50% volume)
Battery Capacity 1200mAh
Product Type Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker
Drive Unit Φ52MM
Speaker Impedance
Sensitivity 88±3dB
Rated Power 5W
Bluetooth Version V5.3
Product Number Lenovo TS5




The Lenovo TS5 RGB Bluetooth Speaker is a versatile and vibrant addition to any audio setup. Designed to deliver an immersive audio experience, the Lenovo TS5, with its advanced Bluetooth version V5.3, ensures seamless connectivity to a wide range of devices. This speaker is not just a device for playing music; it's a portable powerhouse that comes with a built-in microphone, making it an ideal Speaker with Microphone for hands-free calling and interactive gaming sessions.


Made in China and bearing certifications CE, FCC, and ROHS, this model is a testament to high-quality production standards. The Portable Bluetooth Speaker is designed to be effortlessly carried around, whether you're moving from room to room or heading outside. It features a robust battery capacity of 1200mAh, offering extended playtime for all your favorite tunes.


With a rated power of 5W, the Lenovo TS5 RGB Bluetooth Speaker packs a punch in a compact size. This makes it an excellent choice for small gatherings, where it can fill the room with rich, high-fidelity sound. As wireless Bluetooth Speakers go, the Lenovo TS5 is also suitable for use in a variety of scenarios, such as during a workout session at home, by the pool on a lazy afternoon, or on your desk as a lively work companion.


The product comes with an attractive color box packaging, ensuring that it arrives in style and makes for an excellent gift. With a minimum order quantity of 100 units and a swift delivery time of 7 days, stocking up on the Lenovo TS5 RGB Bluetooth Speaker for your store or event is hassle-free.


Whether it's for personal use or as part of a retail assortment, the Lenovo TS5 is designed to meet the needs of users looking for a high-quality Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker . It's perfect for movie nights, where its RGB lighting can create an ambiance that matches the on-screen action, or during a camping trip, where its portability and long battery life shine.


In essence, the Lenovo TS5 RGB Bluetooth Speaker is a versatile, reliable, and visually engaging speaker that stands out in the market. Its portability, combined with a strong battery and multiple certifications, make it the ideal audio companion for a myriad of occasions and scenarios.



Support and Services:

Welcome to the Product Technical Support and Services page for the RGB Bluetooth Speaker. Our support team is dedicated to providing you with the assistance you need to enjoy your product to its fullest potential. Below you will find a range of services we offer to help with any issues you may encounter:

Online Troubleshooting Guide: Access our comprehensive online troubleshooting guide to find quick fixes for common problems. This resource is designed to help you resolve issues with connectivity, sound quality, and more.

Firmware Updates: Keep your RGB Bluetooth Speaker up-to-date with the latest firmware updates. These updates are designed to improve performance and add new features to your speaker. Visit our website for step-by-step instructions on how to update your speaker's firmware.

Product Manuals: Download the latest version of the product manual which provides detailed instructions on how to use and maintain your RGB Bluetooth Speaker. The manual includes information on setup, features, and troubleshooting tips.

FAQ Section: Our Frequently Asked Questions section covers a wide array of topics and provides quick answers to our customers' most common queries.

Email Support: If you need personalized assistance, our email support team is ready to help. Send us a detailed message outlining the issue, and one of our technical support specialists will get back to you with a solution.

Community Forum: Join our community forum to connect with other RGB Bluetooth Speaker users. Share your experiences, ask questions, and get advice from fellow audio enthusiasts.

Warranty Information: Learn about the warranty provided with your RGB Bluetooth Speaker, what it covers, and how to make a warranty claim should you encounter any defects or malfunctions.

We are committed to providing exceptional technical support and customer service. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your RGB Bluetooth Speaker and its performance.



Lenovo TS5 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker RGB LED Light 5W 8 Hours Playing Time 0



Q1: What is the brand name of the Bluetooth speaker?

A1: The brand name of the Bluetooth speaker is Rgb Bluetooth Speaker.

Q2: Can you provide the model number for the Rgb Bluetooth Speaker?

A2: Yes, the model number for the Rgb Bluetooth Speaker is Lenovo TS5.

Q3: Where is the Rgb Bluetooth Speaker manufactured?

A3: The Rgb Bluetooth Speaker is manufactured in China.

Q4: Does the Rgb Bluetooth Speaker come with any certifications?

A4: Yes, the Rgb Bluetooth Speaker is certified with CE, FCC, and ROHS certifications.

Q5: What is the minimum order quantity for the Rgb Bluetooth Speaker?

A5: The minimum order quantity for the Rgb Bluetooth Speaker is 100 units.

Q6: How is the Rgb Bluetooth Speaker packaged?

A6: The Rgb Bluetooth Speaker is packaged in a color box.

Q7: What is the estimated delivery time for the Rgb Bluetooth Speaker?

A7: The estimated delivery time for the Rgb Bluetooth Speaker is 7 days.

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