Production Line

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Production Line:

Incoming Inspection:We Will do 100% Inspection for The Raw Material(High Aluminium,ASAHI Glass).

1. Cutting: We Cut The Raw Glass Material to Probable Size.

2. CNC: Cut The Hole of Earphone,Type Key,Reaction Hole and So On, Cut The Exact Size of Different Mould, Make The Rough Shape of 2.5D Curved Degree.

3. Polish Radian:Use Polish Radian Machine to Polish Edge of The Glass to Real 2.5D.

4. Clean:Clean The Glass

5. Tempered: Pre-Heat 1 Hour, Temper 4 Hours, Heat-Dissipation 1 Hour, Total 6 Hours. Temperature is 385~400 Degree. Temper More Than 10000pcs at One Time.

6. Full QC:First Time for Full QC.

7. Plasma Oil Spraying: Spraying AF Oil on The Surface of Glass,to Keep No Oil,No Fingerprinting During Use It.

8. AB Glue Sticky: Stick AB Glue Together With Glass and Stick Back Board for Silk Printing GSP.

9. Silk Printing: Silk Printing The Color of The Edge,and We Can Also Silk Printing Customer’s LOGO, With Quantity.

10. Clear Again and Second QC, Packing.